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Meet our friendly vinophiles

Desecrating our livers in search of wine treasures... you're welcome!

Kim Dickson Greeff
``Everything happens for a riesling...``

Kim learned about wine through osmosis as both her parents are wine educators. Wine was such a big part of her life growing up that, as a teenager, she actually rebelled against the system by NOT drinking wine!! Look where that got her... Luckily she got over herself and has since had a long career in the wine industry starting as a 'wynpoppie' doing in-store promotions and then climbing up the vine to become a wine consultant before following her passion and starting her own company specialising in wine tours throughout the Western Cape.

Ed photos for FAIR
Ed Greeff
``I drink and I know things!``

Ed was thrown in at the wine deep end when he married Kim but he is a fast learner and has excelled in finding those dusty gems that have been tucked-away in a corner “...for a rainy day, you know”. One of his claims to fame is that when he is subjected to a blind tasting, his two favourite wines will inevitably be the cheapest and the most expensive... without fail!!! Ed has an outstanding nose for wine and can be counted on to give objective advise when choosing the perfect wine. He is a great drinking buddy... not the best designated driver but an enthusiastic taster!!

Barbara Bottome
``Stop and smell the rosés...``

Deep ends seem to be a thing in this venture! Marrying someone who set up at least four different wine clubs amongst their friends, meant Barbara learned quickly. One who enjoys variety in her beautiful garden, she also enjoys a broad range of wine styles, making her the ideal sounding board when tasting new or different wines. If she likes it, it's good.

George Bottome
``I make pour decisions!``

George was fortunate enough to come from a family who really enjoyed seeking out new wines and experiences. Exploring estates even before the Stellenbosch wine route started in 1971, he was introduced to the stalwarts of the wine industry, both personalities and products. He built a reasonably diverse wine cellar over the years and encouraged friends and family alike to help him keep stock rotation principles to the fore. After a period of 20 years away from the Wine regions, he was lucky enough to return to help establish a business directly associated with the Wine Industry, combining business knowledge with a favourite hobby. A few CWA qualifications helped cement this wine knowledge.

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