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All4Wine & Wine4All - We bring Cape Town's best wine to our customers.

The current team of Wine4All adventurers have been drinking wine, collectively, for close on 150 years. In all this time, we have not been idle wine consumers, we have learned much… which dusty, spider-webbed cellars we’ll need to sift through to acquire our preferred nectar or which far away lands, neglected by time, might be hiding exquisite wine treasures.


Recently, we have been inundated with queries from people who have started looking for exciting wines, wines that will extend their knowledge and stretch their palates beyond their comfort zone, people who are searching for something out-of-the-ordinary that won’t break the bank!!


It has made us realise that we have been remiss in spreading this joy and it is high time that we stop being so wine selfish by keeping these elusive wine gems to ourselves. We are ready to start sharing because sharing is caring, right?


We are now offering you access to the secret stash of delicious wines that we manage to uncover every month…


You will have an opportunity to try-before-you-buy at the Wine4All Monthly Wine Tastings. Never Fear…Should you be unable to attend the tasting event, you will still be able to purchase any of the wines from the treasure trove we uncover, right here on the website or through your very own personal wine consultant…


Wine... cheaper than therapy!

W i n e 4 A l l ® E x c l u s i v e W i n e T r e a s u r e s ®

What We Do

We scour the lands to provide you with fabulous wine choices...

Wine4All is a really fun way to get your wines supplies for the month. Join us at our free wine tasting event every month, taste the delicious wine selection and then, with the full confidence of 20/20 vision, you won’t be afraid of that dreaded C word “commitment” and shall be happy to dish out all that moola for your loot because you will know how much you are going to enjoy the wines, right?!!!


For those of you who are too busy to taste wine (that’s just weird – but we won’t be judgy) or just too far away… Never Fear, Wine4All is near!! There is still a chance for you to purchase these delightful wines using our online platform.


Friendly wines that are ready for drinking right away.


Distinguished wines that still need some time to reach perfection.


Happy wines that won't ever break the bank.


Exciting Wine Tours that are as informative as they are fun.

All4Wine & Wine4All

Uncompromising quality, at the right price!

We at Wine4All are constantly rummaging around looking for unbelievable wine deals.We are pretty confident that, in our foraging, we will come across the perfect wines for you. Wine4All will always negotiate to get the wines to you at competitive prices and this is a recipe that you can rely on with confidence when purchasing wines from Wine4All.

We offer the added bonus of a 15% discount when you book, one of the most informative and fun-filled wine tours in the Western Cape, through us.

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